Call, Maybe, No

If you missed us last month, me and my good pal Taylor Desseyn are reviewing your resumes live and on-air!

How's this different than just DM'ing your resume for review? First off - you get 2 opinions for the price of 1! (And don't tell Taylor this...but his feedback is pretty good. I even learned a thing or two from him last time.)

Second: Taylor and I intentionally don't look at resumes in advance - instead we approach it just like a hiring manager does when they have a stack of resumes. Managers quickly sort into buckets: definitely call, maybe call, and don't-call so they can prioritize their top candidates. It's something I've discussed before - and while it's not necessarily the best system, it helps scale when you have 200 resumes and very little time.

That's why we're rebranding this event from 'Resume Triage' to simply calling this event: Call, Maybe, No.

We'll open up a resume, give our immediate Call/Maybe/No reaction, and then we'll quickly break down what you should do to get yourself from a "Maybe" or "No" to a "Call."

If you're brave enough to have your #resume on screen DM it to him or I with the hashtag #CallMaybeNo (feel free to anonymize as you see fit!)

Join the event here!


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