How Can I Help?


With headline after headline, it's all too easy to find ourselves feeling alone, isolated, even depressed by the seemingly endless bad news. I'll even share: despite generally being a happy and optimistic person, I'm certainly not immune. The recurring feeling, at least for me, is an overwhelming sense of helplessness.

But while I may feel helpless, it doesn't mean I'm incapable of helping. Not in some kind of high-horse, self-aggrandizing way. If I can offer expertise - great, I'll offer it. But, mostly, I'm here to be a friend. To share in the ups and down. To listen. 

And what gives me hope is I know I'm not alone: Throughout LinkedIn, there are more and more #OpenToHelping badges. As of last week, I was excited to see Marc Caracciolo's #HereToHelp initiative. Whether they're sporting a blue badge or yellow badge, helping is not an original idea.

Wherever you are right now, whatever you're facing, reach out. To me. To Marc. To anyone with an #OpenToHelping badge or a #HereToHelp badge.

We're in this together. Maybe I sound naively idealistic - but I'm stubbornly so.


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