Polymorphic Coders

After years of providing career advice to recent grads, I've seen a growing trend - particularly with bootcamp grads. I'll often see them struggle to make traction on their job hunt with only 2 or 3 languages under their belt. Months later, they're still struggling.

In rare cases 2 or 3 languages may be enough - but you should see it as putting all your eggs in just a few baskets. The pace at which languages come in and out of style is getting faster, and it's easy to fall behind if you've not invested your time and effort in growing your language-agnostic skills.

If I could summarize my advice to once sentence it would be this:

Get better at applying language-agnostic skills to new languages.

If you've (hopefully) learned about object-oriented principles, it's the difference of being an Implementation Coder vs. a Polymorphic Coder.

Be a polymorphic coder.

Languages are like Jelly-Beans. It's better when you have more flavors.


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