Short Tidbits of Advice

Reviewing your resumes, I jotted down a bunch of quick & trivial things for people to keep an eye on.

  1.  Make sure your resume FILE contains your name - don't go with a generic "Resume2023.pdf"; "Your Name.pdf" or "Your Name - Your Title.pdf" is an easy way of avoiding some (rare) situations where your resume file gets lost in a stack.
  2. File size: We're well past the age of floppy disks - so while disk space isn't the concern here, a 5Mg Resume means your resume probably has more than it should. :)
  3. PDFs over Word docs. Your resume should be a document in its "final" state. PDFs will preserve your font choice, your formatting better than Word.
  4. LinkedIn URLs: Remember when an email address in your resume was a novelty? Well, now the hip kids are including their LinkedIn URL! Be hip like them.
  5. Make sure your resume is free of typos (Fun Fact: Surveying a bunch of other hiring managers, I learned a lot of them are more likely to pass on a strong candidate if it has a lot of typos...)

Bonus not-so-trivial tip: If you include a summary on your resume, make sure it's actually summarizing. If it takes more than 1/4 - 1/3rd of the page, it's probably not a summary. :)


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