Bad vs Good vs Great Interviewers

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Interviewing tip for those on the job hunt:

Bad interviewers act like gate keepers / bouncers / powerful decision makers. They act with an air of superiority, don't do an adequate job of making you comfortable, welcome, or at ease. Their hire/no-hire decision is subjective, unclear, rooted in opinion and impressions.

Good interviewers take time to break the ice, make you feel comfortable and take the pressure off the interview. Their hire/no-hire decision is based on how well you present your experience and knowledege, and works off a more objective framework.

Great interviewers are on your side. They cheer you on, help you grow. Their hire/no-hire decision builds on the objective framework the good interviewers use, and they're looking for how well you demonstrate your potential for growth & the diverse value you bring as an invidiual to the team. You may still not get the offer, but the interview will likely continue to be a great resource to you (time permitting).

So why is this a tip for job seekers? Because how you are interviewed tells you everything you need to know about the organization and the culture they're reenforcing. If you're walking out of an interview feeling bad/down about yourself, you dodged a bullet. If you're walking out of an interview disappointed but with an empowerd sense of where to focus your energy, keep in touch with the interviewers and share your progress with them.


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