Surf's Up

I'm behind on messaging a lot of people. If you're waiting on a response from me, I'm sorry - I'll try to get back to you soon.

While I could, in all honesty, just say "I'm busy" and leave it at that, the reality is...  well, I'm busy.

Thankfully I'm fortunate to say I'm not being disrupted by any large & life changing events. I'm just reaching one of those points I think we all reach at various points... when everything all happens at once, and we're just barely staying above water. Maybe these moments are worth recognizing - when you're able to be the good husband/wife/partner, the good dad/mom/guardian, the good son/daughter/child, the good friend, the good neighbor, the good coach, and you're even good at tending to your own needs... but all of that takes time, takes intention, takes energy.

It's the feeling you get perhaps just before you feel overwhelmed... and, (if you do it right) maybe you will avoid becoming overwhelmed... but you're still squeezing every last drop out of the lemons life's given you to make lemonade.

Things will subside, they'll calm down, and you'll be able to breathe (or maybe sigh) knowing that you rode the wave, and you're back in calm waters and can get ready for the next wave.

I'm riding the wave right now and it has me thinking of the times when I'm not the one riding the wave but others are.

You don't really know when others are riding waves. You may see they're more tense, more on edge, just a little more tired, a little less responsive, a little less involved - but you don't know the depths and breadths. The big life altering moments... the things that require changes... the "news" - those are the things you hear about, and that's when you support, show empathy, help out. But when there is no "news" ... when it's just "I'm busy" ... those are the moments we overlook. And maybe we don't need to give support, empathy or help... because they/we/I will get through it.

Maybe all that's needed is just to be on the other side of the wave... in the calm... to be there and say: "What a ride! You made it through. Cheers."



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