When my daughter was 2 she began telling us of an imaginary friend "Emily."

Emily was imaginary friend who'd show up whenever she was feeling lonely - if she was playing by herself at preschool or, in particular, at naptime when she was trying to get herself to sleep.

One day, when she was 3, I was asking her more about Emily and she told me how Emily "lives in her heart."

She told me how, at nap time, she'd ask Emily to visit the hearts of the people she was missing - her mom's heart, her baby brother's heart, mine heart, and then hearts of the rest of her family and her friends.

When she reached the end of her list of people, she could then fall asleep while hugging Emily's heart, and with Emily hugging hers.

About 6 months later, my daughter announced one day that she no longer 'needed' Emily, and that she'd made her up to help her feel less afraid.

There's no metaphor here, no deeper meaning, connection back to careers, growth, or job hunting tips.

Sometimes we just need an Emily.


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