C64 or The Dos Prompt?

I'm very tired today. Got very little sleep... which explains the incessant yawning.

I'm not sure where to take this website... I want to take it somewhere big, and huge.

Take it somewhere which will result in little children running to gather around me and not even to ask for my autograph, but to look up at me with such reverence and respect that they just remain in silent awe. 

I guess my biggest problem is that I'm giving my site the look of an OS that is so out of date that Microsoft, the company known for sticking out its releases well passed their expiration date (see IE6, Windows XP), has completely removed it since the release of XP. There's only now the 'Command Prompt' a cheap rendition of dos. But can you boot into dos? No.

Control-F8, boot into dos... exists ... no ... more.

Maybe I change it to a C64? Surely that has some more longevity...


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