Almost Done / Just Begun

I am happy to report two things:

1) Last night your son graduated. Officially. Ceremony and all. I have my degree. Honours BSc.

I kicked the day off in celebration by going to Tim Hortons, the very first Tim Hortons I went to when I first came to Toronto. I was about to order my usual large Double Double and plain bagel, toasted, with plain cream cheese when I thought "Let's go all out" so instead I ordered a large Double Double and an Everything bagel, with herb and garlic cream cheese.

Good call. I feel like I deserved it.

2) I've (re)created a database for my blogg.  ..finally. The site doens't fully use it just yet...but soon it will, and things will be just peachy...

If it wasn't for these websites, I'd get nothing done.


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