Einstein & The Impostor Syndrome


Of Einstein's many accomplishments his persistence deserves praise.  Anyone who has ever changed careers, or battled impostor syndrome while following their passion knows the mental hurdles all too well. Imagine if Einstein gave in to doubt. 

In 1902, a young, depressed, and solemn 21-year-old Albert Einstein was on the verge of giving up on his dream of becoming a physicist.

Six years prior, Einstein had enrolled in a Mathematics and Physics teaching diploma ... Einstein’s professors cast him aside as a lazy student destined for a mediocre career in physics.

After graduating, Einstein couldn't get a job - in fact, he was passed over for a role as a lab assistant ... after two frustrating years of job hunting, Einstein moved to Bern to work as a clerk in the Swiss patent office.

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For about 5 years the person who became the image of Genius, the face of modern Physics, had to settle - and settle for something completely different. He could have given up. He could have given in to the criticisms of the 'decision makers.'

If you're someone trying to break into Tech right now, it's easy to identify with this: You have potential, you have passion - and yet, daily you're either facing outright rejection, or you're being ghosted entirely. It's hard to not feel unworthy. It's easy to doubt yourself. It's easy to settle for something else.

We're not all going to impact the world to the level as Einstein, but until you're doing what you are passionate about you will be restless.

Remember: It took Einstein 5 years. It may take you longer, you may get there sooner.

But here's to getting there, whenever you do.


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