Simple Harmonic Motion

This bubble is on the surface of our Betta fish aquarium.

As you can see, the bubble dances back and forth. No fakery, no trickery. This mystery had me baffled at a distance, so I took a closer look.

While you can't see it, a small and steady stream of water pours into the tank, right at the center of bubble's path.

My guess is, at either extreme, the stream pulls the bubble to the center, where it gains enough velocity to pass through and beyond, then slows down and repeats.

The conditions are just right for this little oddity to occur. 

I am curious how rare and unlikely this is. Would a bubble of any size work? Would a steady drip work? Faster flow? So many questions...

I'd test things out - but can't disturb the Betta. 🐟


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