Let's Clear Up The Ambiguity!

Job seeking is hard - especially when you factor the ambiguity around expectations, the lack of transparency and consistency around process. It's frustrating dealing with the sheer subjectivity of everyone's opinions.

Just think of even the basics:
  • How long should your resume really be?
  • Traditional black and white, or modern?
  • Should you include a headshot?
  • Oh - and cover letters - are those needed?
  • Is anyone actually reading the cover letter?
  • What are they looking for?
  • Is there a bias for people with a more traditional background?
  • Worst of all: The dreaded typo that you catch only after applying to your dream job. Are typos really going to cost you the opportunity???
To help bring some clarity to the process, I surveyed a bunch of hiring managers.

The results were really interesting, and very illuminating.

If you're on the job hunt, I hope this information helps out!

One final note: My recent post, 7 Steps to Writing an Amazing Resume, factors a lot of this feedback. If you're about to embark on re-doing your whole resume, make sure you give it a look!


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