If you're feeling burnt out from the job hunt...

If you've been looking for a job for months and haven't had traction, know that interviewers can sense desperation, bitterness and frustration. It's hard to fake enthusiasm.

If you're feeling burnt out, it's going to spill into the interview, and even if you land the job - it'll spill into your first few weeks.

Try this:
  1. Pause: Recharge. Give yourself a few days away from it. Seriously. Don't cheat. Do something you enjoy doing - and do it because you enjoy doing it, not because you are frustrated. Nothing ruins a hobby more than having a cloud hang over you. Give yourself the opportunity to relax. Give yourself a break.
  2. Revamp: When you're ready to start again, update it all. Your resume, your portfolio, your LinkedIn profile. By having a new resume, portfolio, YOU will feel fresh, new, re-invigorated, motivated. Maybe you'll spot things in your old resume that may have worked against you. Even if you fix something trivial like an extra comma, you'll feel re-energized.
  3. Pace yourself: Only apply to recent posts, and ones that match and suit you. Don't set yourself up for rejection if it looks like a long-shot.
  4. Connect: With other devs in your area, especially for companies that are hiring. Don't just connect expecting them to immediately do you any favors - but build a relationship.
  5. Continue: to give yourself breaks. There are many reasons (good and bad) why it takes a while, but it's not necessarily you. Don't lose sight of the other aspects of your life that haven't been getting the attention they deserve, because those are the things that will keep you from feeling bitter and frustrated once more.

Good luck!


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