What if candidates spoke like interviewers?

- I can't disclose my level of talent until the offer stage, but I can assure you my talent and effort are certainly competitive.

- As a rock star dev, I'm looking for a Madison Square Gardens place to work.

But on a more serious note - you can take any standard interview questions and redirect it to ask some very interesting questions:

- How do you stay current with the latest tech trends, and keep your code base from growing stale? (Honestly: Why does anyone expect candidates to be more up to date than their own code base?)

- Tell me about a time when the team had a conflict. How was it resolved?

- It looks like you this role has been open for a few months. How has the team adapted? (You'll get asked about gaps in your resume, you should definitely ask about gaps in resourcing.)

- If this role is a backfill, why did the last person leave?

- I'm curious to know about a recent challenge the team faced, and how they overcame it.


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