And Now the Next Chapter...

Some 16 years after starting my career as a Software Engineer, having grown in to a Manager, then Director, it's time for a bit of a career pivot.

As much as I love writing code and being the best people manager I can be, it's all been against a backdrop of how I can best serve the customer and deliver the most value. (That's advice for any role, really - the trick is knowing who your "customer' is.) I love questions around strategy, solving problems and collaborating - and the last few years have been increasingly focused on just that.

So it's with a whole lot of excitement that I'm starting on a new path as a Sr. Program Manager at Microsoft.

I'm a sponge for advice, tips and recommendations, so if you're in the Product/Program space and can share some wisdom - send it my way!

Can't wait for what's to come!


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