On Being Accessible

I love getting these messages.

And just so we're clear: I take no credit - I didn't get Amil the job. This is no humble brag. He did it himself.

If I helped Amil in any way, it was simply by being accessible to him. That's the operative word behind the #OpenToHelping initiative: Accessible.

Job seekers face so much obscurity, ambiguity, and lack of clarity. As a hiring manager, being accessible means bridging the expectations gap between job seekers and hiring managers. It's about revealing the target through your perspective, advice - thereby enabling job seekers to hit the bullseye on their own.

If you've not seen last week's post: I've got a survey for hiring managers. The goal is to demystify the application process. If you're a hiring manager, interviewer, decision maker, people manager - please fill it out.


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