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This is the first post on this blog... a blog that already has 100+ posts.


Like many, I've been using Facebook less and less. I've not deleted my account because I do like the many memories I have on there, and I'm holding out hope that Facebook somehow returns to what it was. Those memories are made up not just of photos - I have those - but also a fair number of longer text-based posts, observations, humorous anecdotes that I don't keep anywhere else.

For example - there's the a post I shared about my daughter, when she was 3:

Without Facebook's Memories, I'd lose those silly little stories about my goofball kids.

Thinking about this made me realize that LinkedIn doesn't have a 'Memories' feature - and it makes sense, given it's a site for professionals, and so there's stronger emphasis on recent events (though, arguably, seeing how one's progressed in their career would be pretty neat.)

Ultimately, it gave me the sad realization that a lot of posts that I'd spent a lot of time and effort on were going to get lost eventually. No one goes on LinkedIn to see what posts you made 4 years ago - and on top of that, retrieving them is not very easy.

So, over the course of a few days I scrolled through my entire post history on LinkedIn and grabbed articles, posts, observations, shares, and all the ones I felt were worth preserving I moved to this blog. Thankfully, Blogger has the ability to let me specify publication dates - and so I could preserve those too.

The tradeoff is, all the views and comments on my most popular posts couldn't be carried over - but that's not a big concern. If the content is still good enough, it'll be found because (and this is the important bit...) blogs aren't a walled-garden.

As I realized this - I thought about some of my Medium articles that I'm proud of, the ones that got added to Magazines, one that even ended up getting published in a book - and I realized that much of that content is behind a pay wall. 

As I copied everything over to this blog, I realized just how much I've written and done in the last few years. It's not all great, but I'm proud that I've stuck with it - and built a pretty large catalog of posts on a variety of topics I'm passionate about.

So - I think, going forward, I'll be taking a new approach to any other social media forms. Blog first, and then I'll share from my blog. Some of my posts are content more suited for LinkedIn, or some other medium like Medium (couldn't avoid the pun) but - by consolidating it here, in one spot, it's never inaccessible, and at less risk of getting lost.


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