Closing One Chapter

It comes with a lot of mixed emotions to share that today's my last day at Celero Commerce. While I'm excited to share what's next, but that's for a future post, for now I wanted to reflect on my time here and what we've accomplished in nearly two years.

One of my first goals was to build an in-house team while navigating the chaos and confusion of the very early days of Covid. In a short time span, we built a great team that was banking significant wins, whilst building trust and cohesion during a very uncertain time. This was only made possibly by the strong foundation established well before I joined - by a few who don't ask for credit but truly deserve it: Charlie Berard, Kevin Jones, Christopher Rywelski - I can't thank you enough for what you gave me to work with.

Early on, someone asked me why I liked working at Celero and I explained that foundation of trust: If I've had any success at Celero it was purely because I was given the space to fail. That requires a lot of trust - especially when you join as an outsider.

Celero is one of the few places I've worked that actively recognizes strong leaders. It permeates the organization. For a relatively small and young company, I've always appreciated the investment Celero's leadership makes towards growing people - through the more formal mentorship program, the leadership program, and the informal relationships that leadership forms.

I joined Celero after leaving a place I loved for 10 years to prove something to myself. I had valuable experience but lacked the confidence. Celero gave me that in spades. At a time when many are resigning from their roles for feeling undervalued, and underappreciated, Celero sees people for who they are, and what they are capable of. My leaving has not been an easy decision - there's plenty more wins to be won - and yet, once I shared my decision, it was met with the kind of support, understanding and grace that deserves recognition. It reminded me yet again of what makes Celero stand out.

I'd be crazy to not give shout outs to a some other key names that made my time at Celero memorable: Deidra Parsons, MBA, Casey Henderson, McKenzie Bottoms, Alex Davis, Ben Burns, Tyler Holseberg, Hannah Cook, Jonathan Stewart, Ashley Faszczuk, and (cue orchestral music fade) - many many others.

I'm really excited for Celero's future and, in my heart, will still feel very much a part of the team. In fact, one of my proudest contributions is that the team has not lost momentum: a major release happened earlier this week, I helped bring on 3 awesome people to the team. If you ever see a role at Celero that stands out to you shoot me a message and I'll happily connect you with some wonderful people.

Here's to the laughs we shared - probably the most important part of it all.



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