Hiring Managers: Let's Get Some Data


As part of the #OpenToHelping initiative (now over 2M views!), I received thousands of messages from frustrated job seekers, many of them software engineers.

Many of those frustrations were around the lack of consistency and overall ambiguity they face as job seekers. A bulk of them had gone months not receiving any response to their applications (usually pointing to something to do with their resume, cover letter or application process.)

I want to provide clear perspective on what Hiring Managers are looking for - but to do that, I'm going to need some #Data.

If you're a Hiring Manager: Please consider quickly filling out this survey - while your information is collected to ensure you are experienced in this area, it will be anonymized and your privacy will be completely respected.

Please share with other hiring managers out there, so we can get a comprehensive perspective!

I'll be sharing all the findings here, so stay tuned!


Survey is now closed! Check out the results.


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